Star Trek limericks

The following are all original creations of Brian Prescott. Read them at your own risk.

"Ode to the Borg"

The aliens we see in a hive
Have great trouble just staying alive.
In a cruel twist of fate
The found a jump gate.
Now they're assimilating Babylon 5.

"Ode to Spock"

There once was a commander named Spock
Who sounded so smooth when he'd talk.
From the very first day
The fans would all say
"That green blooded Vulcan, we grok!"

"Ode to Ivan Burkoff"

Since his briefing with Kirk was up next,
He reviewed Russian history texts.
But by some cosmic quirk
The answer was Burke
Which left Ensign Chekov perplexed.

"Ode to a Security Officer"

Captain Kirk had no trouble, it is said,
Leading those who volunteered to be led.
But when landing his troops
He would often say "Oops"
Which was bad for anyone wearing red.