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Latest beer league hockey news:

Coda (April 2009): Our team stumbled during the regular season to a record of 2 wins and 10 losses, but we squeaked into the playoffs as a 6 seed. (There were 6 teams in our league and all teams made the playoffs.) We actually did win the first playoff game over Gallo's Bats, but dropped the second round matchup with Fifth Third.

Mott The Hoopla [sic] (December 2008): An extra special thanks go out to the Wednesday regulars and the guys who filled in admirably for the Applied Performance Techologies entry into the 2008 Chiller C League Holiday Hoopla.

On the strength of some hot scoring by JC, some stout defense, and lucky bounces we were able to win the 3 round robin games by scores of 6-2, 5-0, and 8-2. The championship game was a rematch of the first game played in the tournament, but you could not tell from personnel on the ice.

But despite the Kings loading up with the best players from the 3 teams in the tournament not called Applied Performance Technologies, we held firm and came away with a hard-fought 5-4 victory.

(There were no prizes for the team for winning the tournament, which is a bugger.)

No Substitute (December 2008): I was asked to fill in on Friday nights with More Cowbell. The regular season was somewhat successful, but playoff expectations were unfulfilled after a second round loss.

Back In The Saddle (December 2008): After taking the summer off to rest up, I returned for the fall session with Applied Performance Technologies on the Wednesday night C East league. The regular season was up and down, and the playoffs ended with a first round thud. All is normal in the world again.

Swan Song (April 2008): Thanks to the guys from Applied Performance Technology, as we were finally able to put together a run in the playoffs and take home the Wednesday C East title.

Here is the team picture that was posted to The Chiller's web site: